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Hotel hazards and disasters you really need to avoid


Sometimes people give more attention to where they are staying than they do the trip they are on. The adventure of a new hotel can add that exciting element to your next trip but there are pitfalls around that you need to be aware of. Whether you will actually save money or be bled dry is really all up to you, your plan, and the actions you decide to take.

  • One major mistake most people make is to not take advantage of an upgrade. Hotels the world over are more than aware of being able to upgrade you either for free or for a slight extra charge. Except during the height of certain tourist seasons, many hotel rooms go empty and it is quite easy to get an upgrade. That should be the very first thing on your list when you hit the front desk.
  • Often it is not even a thought until you get robbed but take advantage of the hotel safe. You mat never get robbed but it is better to play things safe. If your valuables are safely locked up, you can go out and have your adventure with a relaxing peace of mind.
  • Another disaster that tends to get people at their hotels is the legendary mini bar. Everything in there looks great, of course, but you had best check out the price list before you even open the door again.
  • Never, ever, assume that the room you are staying is clean. It likely is not very clean especially the linens. You really never know what the cleaning people are using so you may want to do a quick clean on your room yourself.
  • Finally, you must always lock your door and you must know what the emergency route out of the hotel is. Too many people leave their doors unlocked and then end up lost and in a panic because they don’t know where the exits are.