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Here are a few things you really don’t know about Boston


Boston is one of the four oldest cities in America having been a part of the original Big Four; Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Charleston, since the very beginning and especially during the British colonial days. The city itself was named for a tiny town back in England, as many Eastern U.S. cities and towns are, and it is packed with some of the finest universities, museums and hospitals in the nation. Here a few more things you really don’t know about Boston:


  • The city’s tallest building is the Hancock Tower named for that famous, and rich, smuggler named John Hancock. He was instrumental in funding the Revolution. He signed his name so large on the Declaration of Independence because, he said, he wanted King George to be able to read his name without putting on his glasses.
  • The Boston Common is the oldest park in America and sits right in the center of the city. Raymond Flynn was one of the city’s most beloved mayors having served from 1984-1993. He may never have become mayor if he didn’t decide to get into politics in 1963. That was the year he tried out for, and got cut by, the Boston Celtics.
  • There is no such thing as “happy hour” in Beantown. The practice of two for one drinks was officially banned there in 1984. The Fig Newton cookie is not named after Issac Newton. It’s named after a suburban town by the name of Newton which lies just outside of Boston.
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  • Boston Harbor is one of the oldest harbors in the country and is home to the nation’s first lighthouse. Boston, of course, is rich in early American history and you can take a walking tour of The Freedom Trail and see all there is to see including legendary Faneuil Hall, the Old North Church and the former home of Paul Revere.
  • Speaking of great museums, Boston has them. In fact, the Gardner Museum is famous for having been involved in the largest art robbery in the history of the country. The thieves got away with 13 paintings worth at least $300 million at the time and they have never been caught and the art work has never been found. The art thieves just walked right in dressed as cops. Also, Boston is the home to The Museum of Bad Art and it is.


  • It is home to the legendary Fenway Park, America’s oldest baseball stadium having been built in 1912. The color green that pervades the stadium, as well as left field’s Green Monster is known as Fenway Green and it is patented. No one else can ever paint anything Fenway Green.
  • In 1919, a molasses factory storage tank exploded causing two million gallons of molasses to flood part of the city. The molasses was waist deep and 21 people were killed and more than 100 were seriously inured.
  • Boston is also the home of the country’s first subway system and the Pilgrims actually banned Christmas there from 1659-1681. They thought it was a holiday based in corruption.