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Here are some airport disaster scenarios you really don’t want to make


Traveling can be an anxiety ridden experience as it is without having to add to it. Between security lines and everything else there is to do to make it on board on and safely, there are certain disastrous mistakes that many people make that you want to avoid. Here are a few of them:

  • Perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself is download the app available from the airport you are in as well as your airline carrier. It is your headquarters for everything you need to know right there on your phone from delays and cancellations to posted arrival and departure times.
  • It is astounding to believe how many people actually don’t check in online. Unless you have a particular odd situation or there is a problem you need to get fixed with a live ticket agent, there is no real excuse for not checking in online. Your ticket is right on your phone and if you don’t have to check any bags, you can just go straight to the security line and save a ton of time and hassles.
  • If you travel, and especially if you fly, a lot throughout the year, you need to be certified with the TSA Precheck program. It is the safest, and the fastest, way to make it through security. In many airports, there isn’t even a line there. You just fill out an application, pay $85, and your place in the security fast lane is assured for five years.
  • If you need to use the airport wi-fi, the don’t ever send out any personal information of any kind. Those networks are not secure at all. Remember to also write some personal info on your luggage in case it gets lost. It is amazing how many people don’t have some sort of identification on the their luggage. Even if it is just your name and your cell phone number.