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Air India set a new world record for longest flight ever


An Air India Boeing 777 recently set a new world record for the longest non stop flight in history. In all, the Air India flight traveled a total of 9, 506 miles along its route which started in Delhi and was headed for San Francisco. When it was learned that the flight was tracked for being the second longest ever, the flight was slightly rerouted to ensure that it set the record.

Not only did the Air India flight travel the farthest distance ever, but it flew over the Pacific Ocean and, with the help of the Jet Stream, actually shave over two hours off the original flight time coming in at just over 14 hours. It was planned as flying eastward meant that the plane would have some 86 MPH Jet Stream tail winds to speed it along.


The route to the east took them through Myanmar and China. It headed out over the South China Sea and across Japan. By the end of the flight, they were only two hours from the time they took off because of local time zone differences. The plane took the standard route home from San Francisco which meant across the United States of America and out across the Atlantic Ocean.

Just as the Air India flight and its crew are taking its bows, Singapore Airlines is ramping up and preparing to break their record. It is preparing to put back into place its Singapore to New York City route which will end up taking such a flight 10,252 miles. They, too, will try and travel east to catch on to the incredibly fast Jet Stream.

PHOTO CREDIT The Telegraph (London)