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Zurich Highlights



Zurich is one of Switzerland’s most well-known cities, and while it’s relatively small, it’s packed with amazing architecture and great things for travelers to do.

If you just have a short time in Zurich, here are the highlights:

Old Town

Old Town is Zurich’s gem filled with narrow, charming streets and stunning Medieval architecture. It’s also full of many of the city’s nightlife venues. You’ll find town halls dating back to the Renaissance period as well as the Grossmunster, one of Zurich’s most notable landmarks.

Also in Old Town is the Peterskirche, which has the largest clock in Europe, and the Fraumunster, which has stained glass windows by Chagall.

If you’re interested in some of that famous Swiss chocolate, there are plenty of shops in Old Town that can satisfy your sweet tooth.


Bahnhofstrasse is the shopping capital of Zurich. This street feels a bit more modern than much of the other areas of Zurich, and whether you love H&M or high-end designers, you can find a bit of everything here.

This is known as one of the most expensive shopping venues in the world. You’ll also find Paradeplatz, which is one of Switzerland’s most well-known squares.

Don’t be surprised to see a wealthy and extravagant lifestyle shown around Bahnhofstrasse, as both UBS and the Credit Suisse Group are headquartered here.

Lake Zurich

Despite the fact that it’s right in the heart of the city, Lake Zurich feels like a natural oasis away from the world. This is where you’ll find families, children with their au pairs and people relaxing during their midday work break.

Everyone tends to gather around Lake Zurich, particularly when the weather is warm. There are restaurants located along the lake, or you can pick up food at a nearby market and enjoy a picnic.

During August the water warms up and swimming and paddleboarding are popular.

A couple of notable restaurants in Zurich include:

Didi’s Frieden: This is one of Zurich’s most popular restaurants with its chic but simple black and white dining room and signature items including veal dishes and chicken cordon bleu. Beware though, because of the popularity of this eatery, it can be a challenge to get a table.

Kronenhalle: This classic eatery features a primarily authentic Swiss menu. This restaurant is more than 100 years old, with wonderful art lining the walls and a regionally focused menu, with items such as sausage and wienerschitnizel.

Cloud: This eatery is much more modern than many of the other restaurants you’ll find in Zurich. It’s located on the 35th floor of the only skyscraper in the city. The views are stunning, the atmosphere is sleek, the cocktail bar is great and you can find some locally sourced food items.

Hiltl: Compared to many Zurich eateries this comes in being fairly inexpensive. It’s Mediterranean and vegetarian-themed, with a large takeaway bar that’s popular amongst both tourists and locals. There’s a huge and varied selection, and it’s a great spot to grab to-go food and head somewhere scenic for a picnic.