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The steepest street in the world has been a tourist magnet for years

Baldwin Street, located in the city of Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand, is known as the steepest street in the world. The street has a maximum gradient of 35%, which means for every 2.86 meters traveled horizontally, the elevation rises by 1 meter.

Baldwin Street is so steep because of its location on the slope of a dormant volcano. The city of Dunedin is situated on a hilly terrain, with Baldwin Street being located in the suburb of North East Valley. The street is built on the side of the hill, which creates the steep gradient.

The hill on which Baldwin Street is located was formed by a volcanic eruption around 10 million years ago, and subsequent erosion has created the current landscape. The street’s steep gradient is a result of the topography of the area and the way the city was built on the slope.

Despite the steepness of the street, it is a residential area with houses and gardens lining both sides of the road. The houses are built on stepped terraces to cope with the steep gradient, and many have gardens and lawns that slope at an angle. The street has become a popular tourist attraction, drawing visitors from all over the world who come to take pictures of its steep incline and unique urban landscape.

There are no official records on the number of visitors to the steepest street in Dunedin, but it is a well-known tourist attraction that draws a significant number of visitors every year. It’s not uncommon to see crowds of tourists taking photos and walking up and down the steep street, especially during the peak travel season in New Zealand (which is typically during the summer months of December to February).

The Baldwin Street Gutbuster is an annual footrace held in Dunedin, New Zealand, that takes place on Baldwin Street, which is known as the steepest street in the world. The race has been held since 1988 and attracts participants from all over New Zealand and beyond.

The race involves running up and down the 350-meter long street, which has a maximum gradient of 35%. The course includes a total elevation gain of 80 meters, making it a challenging race for even the most seasoned runners. The event has both competitive and non-competitive categories, with participants ranging from serious athletes to casual runners and walkers.

The race is typically held in the summer months, usually in July or August, and is a popular event for both participants and spectators. The atmosphere is festive, with many locals coming out to cheer on the runners and enjoy the street party atmosphere.

The event is organized by the Caversham Harrier and Athletic Club and is a fundraiser for the club and other local community organizations. In addition to the race, there are often other activities and entertainment, including food stalls, live music, and a bouncy castle for children.

Overall, Baldwin Street is a unique and fascinating destination in Dunedin, New Zealand, offering visitors a glimpse of an unusual and challenging urban landscape.