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Sometimes even bees need to get away and relax at a swanky hotel


The cliches, it seems, are buzzing around everywhere. It seems that the latest buzz is that there is a new fancy hotel in England whose only guests are bees. It is, indeed, a miniature hotel that caters only to guests who happen to be bees. The design for the hotel comes from the Corinthia Hotel located in Budapest, Hungary.

The hotel was built in conjunction with one of England’s leading tea companies as well as the Kew Gardens of London. The hotel has been built to encourage gardeners to invite the bees into their gardens. They also hope to spread the world about how bees may become extinct soon and that their pollination of flowers, fruits and vegetables is simply critical to human survival.


Everything a bee could hope for in a vacation seems to be at the bee hotel. There is a gym with tiny little weights and even a treadmill if the bees feel the need to get in a quick workout. Also, there is a pool composed of peppermint leaves as the peppermint aroma can increase the release of chemicals that will allow for relaxation.

Other scientifically researched and designed facilities include ultraviolet light as well as a sugar and rhubarb water bath that the builders know will attract the bees and encourage them to come in to the hotel and stay awhile. There is an ultra modern check in lobby and a check in desk operated with computers and the restaurant has dishes on the tiny tables that are just loaded with pollen. A true treat for any bee.

The construction is balsa wood and there are many hollowed out columns and posts that can provide nesting areas for the bees to build hives. Experts agree that if the bee hotels were placed in public spaces where the bees can come to pollinate the flowers, they may be encouraged to use the hotels as nesting and hive sites.

PHOTO CREDITS: The Telegraph (London)