Worst Hangover Ever? Three Bros Go From Working At A Resort To Staring At The Rifle Barrels Of Russian Soldiers


In what may be the worst hangover ever, three British buddies decided to get wasted earlier this week after getting off work at the resort town they work at in Cyprus. After a night of drinking, they decided to go and rent a boat to watch the dolphins. The next thing they knew, they were in the most dangerous country in the world.

The strangeness begins with Brits Alex McCormick, 19; Lewis Ellis, 25; and James Wallman, 23, getting off work at one of the nightclubs they say they work at in the Cyprus resort town of Ayia Napa. On Monday night they got wasted and, before they knew it, they were a couple of hundred miles away and  staring down the rifle barrels of Russian soldiers in Syria.

Lewis Ellis relates that, “It’s the most ridiculous f-ing story, isn’t it? We went to watch f-ing dolphins and ended up in f-ing Syria?”

As Ellis relates the tale, the three had decided to book a dolphin watching cruise for their day off on Monday but they had been drinking so hard all night that they were stumbling around wasted after the clubs had all closed at 7:30 in the morning. They had tickets for the expedition but they left them back at their apartment so they just decided to walk down to the docks and take the first boat they came across.

So, they jumped onto the first random boat they came across and tried to explain to the crew that they just wanted to cruise around the island and watch the dolphins. The communication gap must have been huge because they were soon far out to sea after being on the boat for a few hours.

In almost the blink of an eye, the three British buds go from a place like this...

In almost the blink of an eye, the three British buds go from a place like this…


to a place like this...

to a place like this…

The guys began to panic because they couldn’t see land anymore and were headed far out to sea. They tried to tell the captain and crew that they were going the wrong way but their pleas were ignored. Mostly because the translator they had brought along was back at the docks and not even on the boat.

Nine hours later, with no cell phone bars and only 15 euros in their pockets between them, the boat docks. The guys knew they weren’t in Turkey or Greece. They discovered that they were in the violent city of Tartus, Syria just 50 miles from Damascus and were right in the middle of the five year old Syrian civil war. It is a huge port city and home to a Russian military base. The next thing they knew, heavily armed Russian soldiers turned up and took them away.

They were questioned but when the story came out, the Russian soldiers though it was the funniest and craziest thing they had ever heard. They gave one of them a phone and he called home to talk to his mother. When his mother began yelling at him, the Russians soldiers were on the floor laughing their heads off. The Russian got them a boat and sent them back to Cyprus. It had been 24 hours since they had got off work to go watch the dolphins.

“Everyone knows who we are now,” said Ellis. “Everyone is treating us like we are heroes. I mean, we went to watch f-ing dolphins and ended up in f-ing Syria!”


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