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Welcome to a tour of the world’s smallest museum


Telephone booths are as much a thing of the past as are the pay phones that were nestled within them. In England, there are still a few scattered around or so but most have been taken out of circulation. One, however, was pressed into service recently as a museum and, as far as anyone can tell, it is the smallest museum in the world.


The tiny phone booth museum is dedicated to the history of the small town of Warley, West Yorkshire, England in which it resides. There are specially etched pictures as well as history, documents and other information related to Warley.

The museum has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as, indeed, the smallest museum on the planet and Warley officials have already submitted their application to make it official and into the book of world records.


Museum chairwoman, Eliana Baily said that, “We had a phenomenal response. People thought it was amazing. When they saw inside it they couldn’t believe it. It’s so inspiring when people come and look.”


The curators intend to update the museum with new items and memorabilia every three months or so. Even the mayor of the small town of Warley was on hand for the official opening of the museum.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Daily Express (London)