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Is traveling completely off the grid the experience you’ve been waiting for?


The next time the wanderlust hits you and you are looking to stay low key and off the grid, this new caravan way of traveling just may be the thing. It is a 340 square foot little mobile home produced by the GreenMoxie company of Canada. The entire thing is self sufficient and about the size of a studio apartment in any big city.



They start at around $65,000 and have portable toilets and a water supply that allows travelers to go completely off the grid if they want to. It has sturdy wheels and tires so that you can take it just about anywhere from the tight spots of a city to the wide open wilderness of the back country.


The bedroom is a good size and can fit some small furniture and a double bed. The entire vehicle is made from cedar wood and also has oak wood floors and a retractable front porch. There is also a full galley kitchen that actually extends into a full living room.


There are shelves for books and supplies as well as cabinets for storage underneath the sofas in the living room. The cold weather won’t be a problem as the vehicle has a wood stove as well as a propane heater. It is a self contained movable home on wheels that just may be what your wanderlust needs.