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Here are a few travel hacks for you procrastinators out there


Ah, the procrastinators out there. You are the last minute John’s and Jane’s who just can’t seem to do anything or be anywhere at an appointed time. Everything in your life seems to get left until the very last second possible. Because of this lifestyle, you are constantly running into certain challenges and traveling is just one. When traveling, the plain old truth is that procrastinators can end up with the worst of everything.

You are likely to pay more and get the dreaded middle seat

Because you wait until the last minute, you probably pay higher fares and are the last one to board so generally end up in a middle seat. If you decide to be more flexible and plan a little bit ahead, there are many last minute deals to be had that could save you some hard earned cash. There are many sites that will alert you to these last minute gems. As far as your seat goes, fly an airline that has no assigned seats. Then, check in exactly 24 hours ahead and you will be almost guaranteed to avoid a middle seat.

You will wait and you might not even get in

Waiting around airports waiting for a connecting flight is a nightmare most try and avoid. But, because you wait until the last minute to book your flight, all of the direct flights to where you are going are already likely full. Book early or try and look for those connecting flights that have no more than an hour or two layover time. If you are traveling to another country, check your passport. If it might expire within three to six months, get it renewed now. Many countries won’t let you in if your passport expires within six months.

You’re out anyway, extra cash for bags and, oh yeah, you forgot that

You just may not be able to go where you want to go because of your last minute tendencies. Many countries have strict limits on how many people they will let into the country every year. Because you waited so long, you might have missed out. Checking extra bags will cost you if you do it at the last minute. Some credit cards associated with certain airlines can give you reimbursement for checked bags so if you travel a lot and have bags, it may be worth the membership fees. And, finally, because you always pack at the last minute, you always forget something. A great hack here is to always have a pre-made trip list made for yourself.