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Some things you didn’t know you could do at Disney World


When anticipating that trip to Florida and Disney World, your schedule is likely packed with all of the rides and adventure parks you can possibly squeeze into your few days there. But, there are some attractions at Disney World that you may not know about that offer some unique experiences of their own.

Fishing and horseback riding

If you head over to the Disney Fort Wilderness Resort, you can find the peace and solitude for a fishing trip and the excitement of horseback riding. You can rent all of the equipment that you need for a catch and release fishing trip as well as an old fashioned cane pole fishing day. If you are feeling more adventurous, there are bass fishing trips with expert guides. The horseback riding offers you the opportunity to ride at what ever comfort level and experience you are at and there are lessons.

Archery and Surfing

The Fort Wilderness experience also offers archery lessons and an introduction to the sport with the use of compound bows. Archery has become extremely popular due to the success of several Disney films. Each lesson lasts an hour and a half and there can be up to ten people in a class. The Typhoon Lagoon offers the complete water park surfing experience with lessons from experts whether you need to learn how to properly operate a surfboard or your an old pro looking to hang ten.

Bowling, parasailing and amphicars

The old amphicars from the 1960’s are capable of being driven on both the land and in the water. There are only nine of them left and you can take a guided tour for twenty minutes with them. Bowling has always been popular and the luxury lanes are located at Disney Springs. Water sports were huge attraction in Central Florida even before Disney World got there so there is plenty of that around if water adventure is your passion.