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TAP flight to Lisbon makes a hard landing and closes airport


A TAP Portugal airlines flight this week made a hard landing at the Lisbon airport which forced airport officials to shut down the international airport. The airliner bounced its way a couple of times down the runway which ended up scattering debris in its wake and forcing the shut down.

The landing completely destroyed the plane’s landing gear as it hit twice before coming to a full stop. There was crew of four on board as well as 20 passengers. Everyone was evacuated from the crash unharmed. The wheel and nose landing technology on the plane was dislodged and crushed as the plane skidded to a landing.

the runways at the airport were closed for about two hours while they debris was cleaned up. During that time they had to redirect two flights that were coming in to Lisbon. The investigation has only so far revealed that the landing gear had been destroyed on landing the aircraft.

A full investigation of the crash landing will be ongoing. All of the 20 passengers aboard the flight were quickly rerouted to other flights so that they could get to their destinations without any further delay. The preliminary investigation report is blaming it on the bad weather on the approach to Lisbon.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Daily Mail (London)