Taking A Photo Of Your Hotel Room Will Help To Catch The World’s Sex Slave Traffickers


The next time you are on a trip somewhere, take some pictures of your hotel room and submit them to a new database designed to capture sex slave traffickers. By using an app called Traffick Cam, your photos will be uploaded into a national database used by law enforcement that is used to locate missing children who may have been kidnapped to be sold as slaves.

Often, a child sex slave will be posed on beds located in hotel rooms. By using the app, people will be able to help police track down the traffickers as the computer will scan the many thousands of hotel room pictures to come up with a match. In reality, Traffick Cam has now stored over 1.5 million pictures because travelers have heard about it and have responded in force.

Traffick Cam creator Abby Stylianou said that, “Right now, there are pictures being posted everyday. Hundreds of pictures in every city around the United States, posted inline, that show victims of trafficking in hotel rooms posed on beds.”

The app was developed in conjunction with the Exchange Initiative at the University of Washington. The world wide web, according to law enforcement experts and analysts, has made slave trafficking in general much easier. Also, law enforcement experts have seen a huge increase in children who are much younger than ever before.

Most young girls interviewed by law enforcement have told them that they were all sexually abused as children and started in the sex slave trade when they were as young as 13 years old. There are, however, many despairing cases where sex slaves are younger than 10 years old.

Law enforcement officials and police detectives all over the country have said that the new Traffick Cam app has been working and that they are hopeful that travelers will continue to take photos of their hotel rooms and submit them. They believe that, going forward, they will be able to put a serious dent in the horror that is child sex slave trafficking around the world.


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