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Sydney airport to auction off thousands of items people forgot to take with them


The international airport in Sydney, Australia is holding an auction for items that they have been storing. Thousands of items, many worth extraordinary amounts of money, have been left behind and there is no longer any storage room left to keep them. Unfortunately, this is not an unusual happening at the world’s airports.


From priceless jewelry to the latest in electronics, the Sydney airport is ready to unload it all. Watches and iPads are just among some of the items that airport executives hope will raise around $250,000 for local charities. The items were left behind by more than 40 million passengers who passes through the airport.


While Sydney airport personnel do everything they can to locate the passengers and return their goods to them, they are still left with over 5,000 items that have been left behind and will be available at the auction. The bidding starts at as low as $1.


Some of the crazy things that have been left behind include a wedding dress, a sleep apnoea machine, a karaoke boom box and they even have a wooden leg that was left behind. There are also tons of phones, laptops and watches as well as a priceless Chinese tea set, booze, musical instruments, stuffed animals and remote control helicopters.


There are, of course, no guarantees. You buy the items “as is” and you must foot the bill to have it shipped to you.