Here Are Some Survival Hacks You May Need If You End Up In The Middle Of A Crisis


In these most perilous and chaotic times, you could be trapped in the middle of a nightmare at any time in any place in the world. Are you ready? No matter where you are headed, be is Los Angeles or Moscow, you need to always take along the Boy Scout mantra of: Always Be Prepared.

  • The first thing you need to do is take advantage of the government’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. This program is designed to alert you in case of a crisis or an emergency with regard to where you are at the time. In addition, you will have American government personnel available to assist you in a foreign country should you need them. Always do your research before traveling to a new destination particularly one that is out of the country. If you are going to a foreign country, know where the American embassy is and how to contact them. In fact, check in with the embassy and give them your contact information and itinerary.
  • No matter where you are, be it in a restaurant, an airport or a hotel room, know where the exits are. You may have to make a quick retreat at any time. Don’t get caught in a disastrous situation because you are spaced out in your little self absorbed bubble world.
  • Go online and check the news sites where you are. Buy the local news papers. Watch the local news. Again, put your cell phone and tablet away and get in the game. You’re not in My Little Hometown, Iowa anymore. Keep all of your important stuff, like your passport, tickets and money, on you at all times.
  • Take the time to buy that extra health insurance that can be applied anywhere you are, especially in a foreign country. You never know when you will need medical attention. Also, if you are taking medication for anything, always bring extra. You may not be able to afford running out.


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