Here Are A Few Summer Travel Hacks That Will Keep You From Going Broke Or Worse


Ah, the allure of the summer vacation. So many of us have been planning this annual ritual for the last year. Whether you plan to travel by air or the more traditional road trip by car, there are a few hacks you need to know to avoid mistakes that will cost you a safe and stress free summer holiday.

The mail and the bling…

One major hazard that people forget to do, especially in the summer, is to secure their home. Many people never think about their mail or newspaper subscriptions. An overflowing mail box and several days worth of newspapers piling up in the driveway will signal even to the most stupid of thieves that no one is home. The last thing you need is to get home from an enjoyable trip and find your home in chaos and all of your valuables gone.

Remember to have someone sending out your bill payments or just have everything all ready set up on line to pay them. Makes it so much easier for peace of mind and you won’t have to call the cable company when you get home to get them to turn it back on.


One of the trickiest summer vacation places is the beach. Thieves are everywhere and are quite successful because people let their guards down and tend to be too trusting. If you are alone, try camping out near some manner of security station of lifeguard station or chair. Also, go waterproof for your valuables. Waterproof cases, bags and fanny packs will keep everything, including your phone, dry and safe and everything can be with you. If you are with the family or a group of friends, just make sure at least one person is perched at the blanket and umbrella to watch over everyone’s stuff.

Bad timing, and no check up…

One of the major mistakes people tend to make in the summer is booking their vacations at the peak travel times like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Sure it’s tempting to take the time off to do it at those times but it will cost you so much more in everything especially if you are traveling by air. If you can hold off until the middle of August or so, you will find huge deals and discounts on everything from air fare to hotels to food.


Finally, if it is a road trip you have in mind, make certain you get your vehicle in to your mechanic and get it completely inspected and refreshed. Fix what needs to be fixed and get new tires. A summer road trip is no fun if all your doing is crossing your fingers while you are driving.