American Airlines Flight Crews And Staff To Get A Whole New Look


The flight crews on American Airlines will soon have an all new look. It is the first new uniform design for the company in over 30 years. All 80,000 employees from pilots to baggage handlers will be getting new uniforms and equipment.

Pilots, flight attendants, gate attendants and all of the other support personnel for the airline will have an update look as the company thought that the 1980’s look was a little behind the times. It has been three years since American and U.S. Airways have merged and the new uniforms are the final touch for the new company with regard to their future branding.


The uniforms will be slate grey with cobalt trim, according to the company. Gone forever, it seems, is American Airlines’ legendary navy blue uniforms. female personnel will also be sporting multi colored scarves to give it a polished and completed look.

The uniforms were presented to the employees at no cost to them and that included any alterations that needed to be done. In addition, employee feedback and input was critical to the outcome of the new designs. Additional uniforms and accessories will be available to employees beginning in October.

The employees, especially the flight crews, will receive either a designer leather handbag or leather attache case, worth about $400 each, for use in their duties especially as all flight crews use tablets for their day to day operations. The tablets are a new addition for the pilots as they had been previously using bulky three ring binders and paper maps.

PHOTO CREDITS: American Airlines

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