Soon You Might Be Able To Ride Your Suitcase. Really?


A new company called Modobag hopes to introduce their riding suitcases in the near future. They have billed their new product as the world’s first set of luggage you can ride on. The company is only about a year old and they have been trying to finance their campaign online and fell short of their $50,000 goal but they are at it again and hope to be in full production soon.

The bag does, however, weigh 19 pounds because of the attached motor. It will travel as fast as 8 MPH and comes with outside pockets and sturdy wheels. The seat is foam and the handle of the suitcase is what you will use to steer it with. It was not designed to be carry on luggage as the weight requirements will likely mean you will have to check it at the ticket desk.

The bag also comes with a GPS tracking device and it has a portable charger and outlets to charge both the bag as well as all of your other electronic devices.


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