Santa Needs Elves And Some Other Crazy Travel Jobs That Are Hiring


You just may be in need of a serious change in your career trajectory right now. If so, there are some travel related jobs out there that are looking for help right away. Of course, travel is involved and these jobs aren’t exactly your typical employment. Nonetheless, one of these just might be what your life needs right now.

  • The first job you should check out is a position as an elf for Santa Clause. That’s right, Santa actually does need elves this time of the year. It is called Santa Clause Village and it is in the Arctic Circle at the far reaches of Lapland. They hire twice a year in both summer and in the winter. You will have to reply through the Finland Post and the elves are responsible for opening nearly half a million letters to Santa from children all over the world.
  • Australia is always looking for lighthouse keepers. It is actually a difficult job to fill and so few people are willing to do it. You would be stationed out on a remote island with supplies brought in to you on a regular basis. You will have to be trained for your specific duties to keep that beacon going. Contact the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service for more info.
  • So, the North Pole isn’t getting you all fired up? Well, try the South Pole. There are several stations and bases in Antarctica that are always looking for help. Contact the British Antarctic Survey for info. The stations are always looking for everything from firefighters to cooks. One station even put out an ad recently for a hairdresser.
  • The Columbia company, maker of extreme outdoor clothing and gear is always looking for field testers. As a beta tester, you will be sent to extreme locations around the world to test and to be a brand ambassador for the company’s clothing and gear lines. It’s a nine month gig and it pays $39,000.


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