Here Are Some Really Bizarre Travel Superstitions From Around The World


We all have our superstitions. We all have those rituals that we do, or we avoid, so as the universe won’t dump a load of bad luck, or worse, on us. So, if you think you just can’t head off on that trip without that lucky charm of yours, don’t worry about it. You’re far from alone.

  • Of course, we have to start with that dreaded number 13. It is such a worldwide superstition that hotels will have no 13th floor and people will absolutely refuse to fly on the 13th of any month especially if it is a Friday the 13th. There are all sort of ridiculous rumors about how it all started. One of them being that the 13th person to sit with Jesus of Nazareth at his “last supper” was Judas Iscariot who was the one that supposedly betrayed him to the authorities. The true origination for the superstition happened in France in September of 1307. Seems the King of France at the time, Phillip the Fair, owed the Knights Templar a ton of money. So, being the good royal sociopath that he was, he decided to round up all of the Templars living in France and murder them all instead of paying back the loan. He got most of them but others escaped with the majority of their enormous wealth. Phillip did all this rounding up and murdering on September the 13th, which was a Friday. That’s why the day has become one of ill fated luck.
  • In keeping with the Friday theme, many travelers from around the world will never travel on a Friday. The Christian travelers especially won’t because they believe that Jesus of Nazareth was murdered on a Friday. Even FDR and Napoleon wouldn’t travel, sign documents, or engage in negotiations on a Friday.
  • The Italians won’t travel with anything related to the number 17. When they use Roman numbers, 17 becomes XVII. Somehow, someone in Italy decided to transforms the letters one day to read VIXI which translated means “I have lived”. Well, if 17 is stumbled upon in Italy, then your living is all over.
  • Four in China is dreaded and avoided simply because when you pronounce the number “four” in Mandarin it sounds the same as the word for “death”. In India, you can’t yell out to someone as they are leaving. You will have to run after them and say it to their face. Otherwise, their trip is doomed.
  • In Latvia, if you forgot something at home, it is considered extremely bad luck to go back home to retrieve it. You just have to go on without it. In Russia, to insure a fortunate trip, you need to sit on your luggage before you head out to the airport or harbor.
  • In Senegal, you never reveal your travel plans aloud to anyone. The fear is that an evil spirit or two will hear you and design and unfortunate trip. In Bulgaria, you can’t sweep someone’s house after they have left on a journey. The thinking is that you may sweep away their presence there and will have caused them to lose their soul.
  • In Serbia, spilling a container of water behind someone who is leaving to travel will ensure a safe journey and return to their loved ones. Also, in the evil spirit vein, Norwegians will place a temporary curse on someone about to take a trip. The belief is that demons and evil spirits will not bother with someone who is already cursed.


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