Posting Pics Of Your Boarding Pass Online Is Asking For Trouble


Posting anything about yourself online is always a risky proposition but people do it anyway. People tend to think they are safe or they don’t really bother to think things out. Posting a selfie of both themselves and their boarding pass online is, believe it or not, a rather common thing but, if you do it, you’re really asking for trouble.

In fact, an airlines security consultant from Australia went out on Instagram and found nearly 80,000 boarding pass selfies posted out there. So, he decided to try and experiment. He decided to show how easy it was to hack the information on a boarding pass and to, subsequently, steal an identity.

With no more than a few clicks, the consultant, Steve Hui, was able to access the person’s full itinerary, all of their flight information, their frequent flier miles situation as well as, of course, all of their credit card information. Turns out the passenger was scheduled to fly out on Delta. So, Hui took the person’s name and flight info, which, of course, was right there visible on the selfie, and proceeded out to Delta’s “manage my booking” tab at the Delta Airlines website.

Once out there, Hui had every detail of that passengers flight status and all of the information that Delta has listed for them. Hui said that, “It was easy to see a full breakdown of the fare paid, including the date or purchase and the last four numbers of their credit card used. People could use that information to potentially cancel or change your flights, change your seat, or cause other issues.”

If you think you can just post your selfie and cover up you information, you’re wrong. According to Hui, he can just run your bar code through a simple to use bar code reader and he has everything about you. He said he accessed all of their data without even having to know their name. According to Hui, it only takes about ten seconds to make a copy of your boarding pass to gain access to the airport.


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