Pitt – Jolie Hollywood Divorce Is A Huge Opportunity For Norwegian Airlines


Last week, Norwegian Airlines launched a new marketing and advertising campaign designed to seemingly take advantage of the divorce between Hollywood movie stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. While many are taking it as a tongue in cheek sort of thing, other are raising slanted eyebrows. One thing for sure though, the campaign has taken off and bookings are going through the roof for Norwegian Airlines.


One of its advertisements, “Brad is Single”, has drawn an unprecedented response for the airline. Norwegian Airlines is offering a one way flight to Los Angeles for the ridiculous price of only 169 British Pounds ($219.21). The campaign has been simple and straightforward and the ads have been attracting a huge amount of attention.


It has approached viral status out on the social media platforms and the response has been tremendous. In addition, the marketing wizards at Norwegian Airlines came up with, what they believe, will be an added incentive for folks to fly to Los Angeles. In keeping with the Brad Pitt theme, they look to further capitalize on Pitt’s former marriage to actress Jennifer Aniston. The airline is running ads stating that women named “Jennifer” will receive an extra 50 percent off when they book their flight to Los Angeles.


A spokesperson for Norwegian Airlines stated that, “We have used a playful advert to simply highlight our flights to Los Angeles and to mirror the conversations that people throughout the UK are having about a high profile media story. We are pleased that the vast majority of feedback has been positive and people have read the advert with the humor it was intended.”

PHOTO CREDITS: Reuters / Norwegian Airlines

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