Here Are A Few Of The Most Outrageous Requests Ever Made To Flight Attendants


The horrors of working with the public needs no explanation for those who have jobs that place them in the midst of the masses. The waitresses, the customer service people, the cashiers, and, oh yes, the flight attendants. As with every job that brings one in contact with the public, there are the those who are the stereotypical great passenger or customer, and then there are those who are nightmares.

Here are just a few samples from veteran flight attendants who relate some of the most outrageous things passengers have ever asked them to do:

  • A woman once asked a flight attendant for some Tylenol because her husband was in pain. Seems he had just had a penile implant and his body was rejecting it. To spare her husband any further pain, the woman just went ahead and pulled out her husband’s penis and the implant right in front of everyone.
  • One passenger, who the attendants thought should have bought a pair of seats, was walking around barefoot and he stepped on a piece of glass. He asked them to take the glass out of his foot because he couldn’t reach, or even see, his feet.
  • A passenger politely asked if the attendant had any anti- gas pills on board. They weren’t for him, he mentioned. He wanted her to give them to the guy sitting in front of him.
  • A female passenger, wearing as mini a mini skirt as was possible, asked a female flight attendant for a tampon. The attendant led her to the restroom and showed her the dispenser for the pads they had on board. The passenger said that the pads were of no use to her. She really needed a tampon because she wasn’t wearing any underwear.
  • A man once asked a female attendant for some underwear. The flight attendant politely told him that she didn’t have any extra underwear in her on flight bag. “No,” the passenger said. “I want the ones you have on.”
  • One male passenger once asked an attendant to block the restroom for him because he wanted to shave his private parts.
  • A woman once asked if the attendant would help her flush her dead husband’s ashes down the plane’s toilet. She said her husband wanted to rest in the ocean. Though sad, she helped the woman send her husband off into the ocean.
  • Finally, an old woman cornered a female flight attendant and begged her to marry her son. The old woman told her that, “He’s is such a nice boy. His girlfriend is just crazy and I think you would be a better fit for him.”


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