A Look Inside The Secret World Of Where An Airline Crew Sleeps And Relaxes On Those Long Flights


Many airline crews work some extremely long hours and must endure many flights that can last up to 20 hours or more. Take, for instance, a 14 hour flight to Tokyo from New York. While the passengers can eat, read, sleep, stay glued to their phones and laptops, or watch a couple of average movies, such a flight can be a very long day for the crew.


So, to counteract that, Boeing has installed hidden compartments just above the plane’s cabins in their 777’s and 787 Dreamliners. Most passengers aren’t even aware that there are resting and sleeping quarters for the crews that are just above their heads.



The cabins are outfitted with oversized reclining seats as well as small flat beds with comfortable mattresses if a crew member needs to get in a quick power nap before returning to the demands of the job. There is a hidden staircase located at one end of the plane where the flight attendants generally gather to prepare the food and the drinks for the passengers.


There are often separate quarters for the pilots and another for the flight crew. Most of these rest cabins have their own bathroom facilities. Even though they may take a break, they are still working and must attend to the passengers so planning in some rest time on long flights can be tricky.


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