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Some little known travel secrets from the world’s flight attendants


Who knows better how to travel the world than the world’s most experienced and veteran flight attendants? They can spend nearly 100 hours a month traveling the world. Here are a few experienced travel hacks from those who really know how to have the best time during and after a flight.

  • If you really want to get great service from the flight crew, sit in the back of the plane. You are right there next to where they sit on a flight and it is much easier for them to tend to you than having to walk all the way up front to answer a call. Besides, if you sit up front, everyone along the way gets to see what the flight attendant is bringing you.
  • Need something pressed in a hurry? Use your flat iron or curling iron. It will press with ease and you won’t need an ironing board. Also, if you really want to sleep in a clean bed, flight attendants everywhere suggest you check the sheets. If the sheets on your bed have creases in them that means they were folded because they just came back from the laundry. No folds? Someone has already slept on them.
  • If you have a bad cold, don’t fly. Not only is it nice that you won’t infect anyone else, but flying could likely severely damage your hearing and it may take weeks to recover. Need a really dark room in order to sleep but can’t keep the drapes all the way shut? Grab some clips off the pants hangers and clip the drapes together.
  • Never sit next to the partitions known as bulkheads. That is where parents with babies or young children are normally seated. Another great hack is packing lighter. If you need to pack light, they say, check for laundry facilities where you are headed. If they have them, then simply toss some small laundry detergent packets into a ziplock bag. This will allow you to travel with only two days worth of clothes instead of packing for a week or so.