Try These Little Known Secrets For Getting Though Airport Security In No Time At All


It is the nightmare of all nightmares for anyone traveling by airplane. It is the security lines at the airport and the ineptitude of the Transportation Security Administration. It has become so bad at many of the nation’s airports that people are missing their flights because of the slow lines. Oh, and the TSA also recently announced that everyone can expect further delays and ineptitude now that the summer travel season has begun.

There are a few travel experts here and there who know the secrets of navigating through airport security in no time at all. So, what are these secret strategies?

The shortest one and be in the bar

Some experts say that there are always more than one TSA checkpoint in an airport. You have seen them, surely. There are security lines pretty much everywhere. If the line at your boarding gate is clogged and ridiculously long, wander around until you find a much shorter line. It will be there somewhere. Sure, you’re going to have to hoof it a little further to your gate once you are through but you can save untold amounts of time and aggravation in exchange for walking a little further.

Think of the security line as a crowded bar on a Saturday night and you are trying to make your way to the bar for a drink. You know how to do that, don’t you? There are so many amateurs in line who are never ready or prepared when they get to the front of the line that they end up holding up the line and everyone has to pay for their amateur fumblings. So, get your act together and head toward the bar. Have all of your paperwork out and ready to go and have your shoes off already if you need to. If your boarding pass is on your email, take a screenshot of it in case the airport’s wi-fi isn’t that strong. Then, just maneuver your way to the front of the line as best you can. Most people won’t even notice.

Pick your spots and pay to play

Be smart about when you decide to fly out. There are times to depart that are far better than others. Try and avoid Fridays and anytime before 9AM. All of the weekend getaway people will head out on Friday and the business travelers are sure to be clogging the security lines early in the morning. Almost no one travels on a Saturday and a Tuesday or a Wednesday are always safe bets to beat the crowds.

You may want to consider paying the airlines that have special security arrangements the extra fee to get through security more efficiently. Delta, Jet Blue and American have such programs. You just need to decide if you’re will to trade time for money.



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