Hotel Pods Delivered Via Drone Just May Be The Next Big Thing


Every year, the hotel industry has a contest. They are known as the Radical Innovation Awards and the contenders have submitted their ideas for the $10,000 prize that will be awarded on October 5.

One of the major contenders for the prize has envisioned that drones will deliver small hotel pods anywhere you wish to go. It is also the hope of the inventors that the pods can access hard to get to places as well as world wide spaces that are currently under developed or ignored. This contender is a company based in Toronto. The hotel pod will have several different rooms and will offer 360 degree views of the surrounding area.


Another contender is a company in Paris that has created pod like units that can be stacked and added on to similar to constructing something made from Legos. Another entry, from a student at the University of Nebraska, envisions portable hotel rooms that can be launched into outer space. The concept is known as the Space View Inn and it utilizes trusses to amplify and expand the space so that it is not as cramped a traditional quarters currently used in space. The pods themselves would actually be placed into orbit so that the traveler would actually circle the globe from space.


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