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Here are a few hacks for actually getting some sleep on a plane


Sleeping on a plane can be a tricky thing. It can also make or break that long flight for you. Getting a little sleep on board a flight can really go a long way toward helping you recover from even the smallest of jet lags. So, here are a few strategies for getting a few winks while you are in the air.

  • If you are really intent on getting some shut eye on the flight you really have to make a plan. Stick to your schedule as much as possible with regard to sleeping and try and get a window seat. If you nod off, as expected, you can just grab a pillow and lean against the window. It’s quieter and you won’t bother anyone.
  • Take a supplement like melatonin if you need to or ask for some hot tea. Put away your electronics. No movies or texting. It will just keep you awake longer. If you have music available to you with headphones, try that also. Especially if you are listening to softer music.
  • Avoid the caffeine and the alcohol. It won’t help you sleep. Also, make sure you grab both a pillow and a blanket. It will help set the mood for sleep. Block out as much noise and light as you can and try and read something. Especially something boring. Finally bring your own light snacks and water so you need not bother the crew and you can eat and sleep when you want.