Is A Scientific Cure For Jet Lag Really Here?


It seems that Science has decided to make a direct foray into the causes, and a potential cure, for jet lag. The key to this travel malady seems to be within out circadian rhythms. Our circadian rhythms are all individual and they are, basically, our own internal clock that pretty much regulates when we asleep and when we are awake. Travel, especially between time zones, always plays havoc with your circadian rhythms.

Recently, research scientists at the Salk Institute in California, have discovered that circadian rhythms are directly affected by a particular protein and the researchers have managed to isolate it. The protein, it seems, is directly responsible for the strength of the previous conditioning of the cycle. How strongly your cycle is enforced is directly related to this particular protein.

Proteins governing sleep cycles and the circadian rhythm have been found before and there is other research related to them but this new study, the scientists say, is different. This discovery has determined that a weakened sleep cycle will actually cause a hormonal imbalance. Even the hormones that regulate the internal clock are thrown completely out of whack. The protein, these researchers declare, actually determines the strength and the volume of the hormones controlling your internal clock. Meanwhile Japanese researchers are trying to create new molecules that can actually shorten the jet lag cycle.

Meanwhile, while we are waiting for the scientists, here are some quick tips that may be helpful:


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