Couple Sits On The Runway To Get Plane To Stop So They Can Get On Their Flight


A man and woman grabbed their luggage and made a run for it recently at Beijing Capital International Airport. The Chinese couple dashed from the terminal and ran after the plane that they were supposed to be on. It seems that they were running late but they were determined not to miss their flight out of Beijing.


The plane was scheduled to leave this past Monday at 9:30 AM for Shanghai but, needless to say, it didn’t take off on time. The couple raced for the jetliner and planted themselves in front of the landing gear wheels. The couple, who have not been identified by Chinese airport authorities, would not be dissuaded from getting on board the aircraft. They were repeatedly yelled at and warned off by the flight crew but the warnings went ignored.


The wife crouched beside a wheel and was yelling up and begging the flight crew not to take off until she and her husband could board the plane. All that ended up happening was that the couple delayed the flight for 20 minutes and ended up being arrested and escorted from the tarmac.


The couple could end up being fined about $100 as well as spending ten days in prison for the stunt.


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