Cell Phones Have Ruined Traveling? Here’s A Few Reasons Why…


Everyone these days, or seemingly everyone, wants to be a celebrity and display their self absorbed little bubble worlds existence to the entire planet. With the cell phone, and social media sites, that has become possible. Armed with cameras that are 100 times more powerful than what spies were using during the Cold War, millions of people are addicted to themselves and their devices.

Not everyone, however, is so enamored with these devices. Many believe that cell phones have ruined the travel experience. One reason is that, for many, the mystery of the world, the destination, is no longer there. The world’s most wondrous destinations have already been photographed and stuck up on an Instagram or Pinterest wall. Or, at the very least, Mr. or Miss Me’s Facebook page.

Is a literal photo of everything really necessary? Then, many complain of the constant updates that everyone must receive. You have taken your seat on a plane and all you can hear are conversations from people telling other people that they are on the plane. What? Does everyone really need to be burdened with your self important trivialities? Of course, these days, anyone else’s interests are unimportant and rarely even thought about.


Then many argue that they get to a simply breathtaking place like the Eiffel Tower or the Grand Canyon and there are dozens of selfie sticks and smiling groups everywhere. They complain that the romance and mystique of it all has simply been overshadowed by the bubble world self paparazzi. Some also lament that the cell phone is a ready GPS or map finder. They wonder why one just can’t get lost somewhere and stumble upon an unknown treasure or destination? Or, even, their true love?

Oh, and don’t forget the addiction. And it is, indeed, an addiction. Can you hold hands with a beloved and watch a sunset without having to look at your phone every three seconds? What would happen if you actually didn’t look at your phone? You might see a sunset? Spy a future love from across a crowded plaza?


PHOTO CREDIT: The Associated Press / Pixabay

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