It Is Called “The 13” And It Just May Be The Most Luxurious And Opulent Hotel In The World


It just may soon be the grandest hotel in the world. It is known as The 13 and it is located on the exotic and wild island of Macau. Macau is one of the great gambling and casino destinations in the world and its opulence rivals even that of Las Vegas. The 13, however, seems to have really outdone everyone.



They are less rooms and more suites, as the management likes to say. The largest one is reserved for the owner, Stephen Hung, and is larger than actor Mark Wahlberg’s mansion in Beverly Hills. There are 200 of these such suites and each one will take $7 million to complete.


They all come with private elevators that take you directly to your suite and there is around the clock butler service available should you require it. There are marble floors in the Roman baths as well as rain showers and electric bidets.


You will come and go from the hotel in a Rolls Royce Phantom and your bedroom features a king sized bed with canopy and gilt and engraved headboard. And, it is suspected that its front door gates are made entirely of actual gold. The hotel expects to host its grand opening in a couple of months.


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