Is There An Advantage To Sitting Next To A Kid On A Flight?


There are going to be those times when you are likely to be stuck sitting next to a kid on the plane. Sure, they might be better than being stuck next to a baby but there are certain advantages that a young child might bring to your flight. It’s just a matter of perspective.

  • The first great thing about sitting next to a kid is that they are actually a perfect fit for the seat. They won’t be hogging your space and their legs sure won’t take up all that much room if they can even reach the floor. Also, even if they are sitting in the window seat, they still won’t prevent you from enjoying the view. Even if they are enjoying the view themselves, they will only probably hog half of the window. Even if they are really little and do take up most of the window with their face pasted to it, you just may be reminded of what it once was to feel wonder.
  • Another couple of great things about being next to a kid is that they won’t enter in your space with a man spread. Also, they won’t get drunk and be obnoxious or insist on telling you their life story. Oh, they probably won’t fall asleep on your shoulder either. Well, they could but at least it won’t be because they are drunk.

So, all in all it’s not the greatest thing being stuck sitting next to a kid on a flight but if you change your mindset and thinking just a bit, it may not be that bad after all.


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