10 Best Places In The World For Children


3. Cavallino Bianco Ortisei BZ, Italy

source: cavallino-bianco.com

source: cavallino-bianco.com

It is a four star opulence which can be considered a divine abode for parents who are looking to take a break but can’t leave their little kids behind. Here they have arrangements to keep the children busy for up to 13 hours with licensed and experienced baby sitters while the parents take a breath of relief in the spa salon and beauty center.

The children in the playroom are under constant supervision and they have a Lino Land where children can play with toys and many other mind stimulating exercise like cooking and lego building! Since its a holiday, they can eat ice cream and have sugary drinks all day. For babies, they have a place where baby sitters watch over the little angels.

If you want your children to spent time in the sun, they have race cars, sand castles and climbing walls to make sure they enjoy the trip.