10 Best Places In The World For Children

Summer holidays are always the best part of our lives, because the stress of the school year is over and its a chance to plan a getaway without the children missing out on school work .

Keeping young kids occupied is quite the task so there are travel destinations around the world that promise non stop entertainment for kids and adults alike. After all, our babies grow up too quickly, and before we know it our children are moving on to their independent lives. Here are the 10 best places around the world for kids.


10. Nick Hotel, Florida, United States

source: www.nickhotel.com

source: www.nickhotel.com

Nick Hotel is part of Nickelodeon that is one of the most popular theme park in the United States. It has a 4-D cinema, big water parks with slides and even a spa to go and relax in while the kids swim in the pool. The most adventurous part is the water park which has seven slides climbing nets with water jets that spray every few minutes on the swimmers! It also has a 4-D cinema where your children can play make-believe. If you are looking to have some mother daughter time, then head to the spa and get your nails done. What is better than the Ninja Turtle show for a father and son bonding time!

If money is not a problem then a birthday celebration at that hotel will be an unforgettable memory where all the cartoon characters will come to life at a dazzling venue.