The SkyCycle Just May Be The Slowest Yet Most Frightening Amusement Park Ride In The World


It just may be the most frightening amusement park ride on the planet. It is known as the SkyCycle roller coaster and it is powered only be the feet of the riders as they must pedal their car on the perilous roller coaster. The ride is located at the Highland Amusement Park in Okayama, Japan, and, while the views may be breathtaking, the adventure of it all can be perilous and terrifying.



The cars are built for two riders who must use the pedals similar to pedaling a bicycle so that the riders can control their speed. They have to be sure they don’t crash into other riders and must navigate frightening curves as even a portion that is overgrown by the tops of trees. It is a ride attraction that is not for the feint of heart!





PHOTO CREDITS: Flickr / YouTube

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