15 Hotels You Should Visit If You Can Afford

6. The Hilltop Estate Owner’s Accommodation at the Laucala Island Resort in Fiji

source: wanderingpioneer.com

source: wanderingpioneer.com

What makes this villa so special and inviting is that you can’t just stoop down with $40,000 in hand and demand you book this suite. But you have to apply and then be selected, while they analyze that someone who will make them $40,000 richer, is deemed worthy of stepping inside the magnificent hallways of the villa. The resort is on a privately owned owner, the Red Bull’s owner. It has 25 villas with the Owner’s Accommodation being the top of the line. It has a divine view of the island, you are treated to free stress reducing massages, you can ride horses on the golden beach with the sun shining on you.

For your gastric needs, a private chef will be provided, who will cook meals from a world class menu and anything you desire. A chauffeur and a private au pair who will take your screaming kids off your hands when you just want a massage in peace.

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